Seeking money through entertainment is how gambling addiction is born. At first you go in with this simple plan in mind, but in the end the reality is quite different. Addiction ends up affecting a good part of the players. Through this article, we give you an overview of what you need to know about addiction.

The birth of addiction

In various gambling activities, the brain is heavily involved. When you gamble, pleasure neurotransmitters like dopamine are activated. Research has shown that gambling awakens the reward circuit in the player. The client doesn't even have to win before this circuit is activated. Just hearing the sound of the winning slot machines and seeing the flashing lights is enough. The situation is even worse when you win. Also, the simplicity of the game, which means that no special knowledge is required, encourages addiction. In this respect, slot machines are extremely dangerous. In gambling, the fact that the loser always comes very close to winning makes him or her always want to try his or her luck. Games where the outcome depends exclusively on chance, leads to much more addiction.

Symptoms of an addiction

A gambling addict is comparable to someone who is addicted to drugs. The gambler cannot resist the urge to gamble just as a drug addict cannot get enough of his or her usual dose. If you feel a craving, you are a compulsive gambler and addiction is not far off. Addiction is the desire to prioritise gambling over all other distractions. Symptoms are often characterised by a need to compensate for financial losses through gambling, hiding the amounts gambled from loved ones, broken promises to stop, frequent increases in betting.

Avoiding addiction

It is possible to avoid addiction and not be addicted to gambling. If you can't stop yourself from setting foot in a casino, set your budget for gambling. A budget that you should try to stick to. Gambling without control and without any control over your finances can be very dangerous. The money you gamble should be money you can afford to lose without any impact on your life. The time you spend gambling should be clearly defined so that you can afford to go to casinos when you have nothing better to do. Also, this time should be very short. In any case, stick to the rules you have set for yourself.